Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL Trip: Gundam and coolsome stuff

Being a Gundam fan, there is no way I could miss the chance to see Gundam models in KL. I found some really cool model stores in Sungei Wang Plaza, Low Yat, Times Square and Mid Valley. The selection was way better than Kuching, and many new models were available as well, such as HGUC Zudah (RM75) in Low Yat and 1/100 Infinite Justice in Sungei Wang (RM145). The prices of these models were much cheaper than what you get in Kuching as well, which is the main attraction of buying models in KL. But please refer the price to different stores before making the final move, you can find some hidden value buy of the different model in different stores.

Some nasty Hellraiser figures on display

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MG Zeta Ver 2.0 and Gundam Mk II ver 2.0 on display

Some of the latest models released, how many do you recognize?

Plenty of MG models, like Sazabi...

...with his arch-rival Nu Gundam as well

The big guy is from Transformer Superlink for sure, just can't remember his name...

Cool Japanese manga store in Sungei Wang

One of the stores in Mid Valley, can you see GP01 standing in the middle of the banner? Cool!

Best offer for me: 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam Lighting Edition in Sungei Wang (RM399). Anyone interested?