Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Gundam Models from Tokyo Toy Show 2006

Here are some juicy pictures of new Gundam models from Tokyo Toy Show 2006. Most of the models mentioned had been introduced in some of my previous postings, except for the Extended MS In Action version of Nu Gundam and Sazabi. Looks like Bandai is really pounding hard on mecha from Char's Counter Attack series; I'm still thinking about getting one HCM Pro Sazabi, and now they are developing the Extended MIA version? Which one should I go for anyway? The same confusion will run the same for most of Char's fan like me. One thing for sure, Bandai shows no mercy to anyone's wallet who loves Gundam :-) Although they are still in prototype form, but I guess we will be meeting them around September or October.

There is still no news about any Perfect Grade model coming out this year. Will there be any this year? We'll have to wait a little bit longer for that answer...

Images are from GA Graphics. Click to view a larger image in a separate Windows.

1-400 Alpha Azieru from Char's Counter Attack

Extended Mobile Suit in Action Nu Gundam, still under development

Extended Mobile Suit in Action Sazabi, still under development

HCM Pro Sazabi

HCM Pro ReGZ piloted by Amuro Ray - see the Red Pegasus marking on the shield? That's his trademark :-)

HGUC Gundam GP02A

HGUC Powered GM from UC0083: Stardust Memory. Nice action pose!

HGUC Zaku I Black Tri Star Version

Master Grade Ball Shark Mouth Marking from MS IgLoo

Master Grade F91