Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL Trip: Genting

This is the first time for me in Genting. Thanks to my friend Alan, I had quite a lot of fun in Genting, not just the Theme Park, but the cool environment on Genting is awesome, definitely an eye-opener for me. Like Alan said once, "when you get to Genting, you would be wondering how the mountain top can be transformed into Genting as we see it today." Really amazing, not only the facilities are world-class, you can almost find anything up there (except traffic congestion I guess).

Anyway, the stay in Genting was quite short, about one and a half day I supposed. The first day was spent screaming like a sissy girl in the Theme Park, and the second day was spent day-dreaming here-and-there because of the lack of sleep the night before. Then it was sayonara time to KL, as all of us were heading back to home-sweet-home. However, the trip to Genting was really fun, and I’m already looking forward to go there again, given the chance.

First World Hotel, where we stayed in for the trip, has 6,300 rooms available for booking - largest hotel in the world!

The Gundam models I bought went to Genting together with its new owner as well. Hehe!

Genting's model on display in the Visitors' Gallery

Misty and cold on Genting, yet it was 2pm at that time!

Your ID tag in Genting's Theme Park. Lost this and you'll get a free ride in the Roller Coaster without any safety handler (just kidding!)

A bit dizzy, but quite fun

Only I went for this one - Space Shot. I thought I lost my butt when the thing came down, and screamed louder than girl until it was finally over in about 20 seconds~ :-)

My friend, Kwang Houg went into trouble with the dinasour when his arm was between the beast's jaw (although he looked quite happy to the idea of leaving his arm back in Genting)...

...and I delivered a low-blow to save him :-D

The lone pianist in one of the casinos in Genting. Oops! I forgot taking pictures in the casinos is prohibited

Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibition. In this case, NO! :-D

Some bug sample displayed in the Visitors' Gallery. There were some more actually

Went for the premier of the movie at 1:45am (13 July), apparently not many people watch movie on Genting, we managed to get the ticket a few hours before the show!

Outside Starbuck after the movie at around 4am. Cold like a freezer!

Watched a bit of Dexter while waiting of our car to LCCT KL - last piece of the Genting trip memory