Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL Trip: Twin Towers and KL Tower

Two of the must-go places in KL are the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. The earlier was the world's tallest building (or buildings) at one time but was overtaken by Taiwan and Shanghai. I've been to the Twin Towers before, so the excitement was going to KL Tower. Really cool, especially going into the elevator, you'll get the same discomfort of boarding an airplane when the elevator send you up the massive tower, and at the top, plenty of sight-seeing of the entire landscape of KL. Really cool. Admission fee is RM10 for Malaysian and RM17 (not quite sure myself) for foreigner.

The Petronas Twin Towers - most beautiful when visited at night, no matter which angle the photo is taken.

But if you're using a Nokia 6600 like me, you'll have to lay down like this to take the photo (this is my friend, Albert adjusting his camera)

KL Tower as seen from distance

The lift's buttons weren't that scary on this side...

...but this side was a bit freaky

The Petronas Twin Towers seemed on par with KL Tower in this view. ???

This is how the construction of KL Tower began.