Saturday, September 27, 2008

Revoltech Enkidu, Pierre & Figma Shana

More images of Revoltech No. 64 Enkidu and No. 65 Pierre. They come from completely different series, the earlier is from the very hot-blooded Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, while Pierre is from the very wacky Doko Demo Issyo. Both are scheduled to be released on November 15th, 1,995 Yen (with tax).

Enkidu - No more extra part for Gurren Lagann included it seems. Accessories include extra leg units that are equipped with flight unit, extra hands, chest armor, handle for the ax, and a display base.

150mm in height, 51 points of articulation.

Pierre - Accessories include three types of face expression, telephone, flower, a glass of wine and a display base. Also comes with accessories for Kuro X include headband, paper fan (?), extra hands, and bow-tie.

130mm in height, 27 points of articulation.

Images are from ToyWorld Forum - Enkidu, Pierre, Amiami - Enkidu, Pierre, and Kaiyodo Museum Store - Enkidu, Pierre.

Also, another variation of Enki, the four-armed Enkidudu is coming on December 15th (release date from Wikipedia).

More arms = more action pose for sure XD
Images from Moeyo.

Some updates on Revoltech's close competitor, Max Factory's Figma series (actually only between the Fraulein series). The upcoming offering would be Shana, but her release date and price are still unknown.

New images from Figma Blog:

Information from the blog mentioned that apart from its regular release, folks can also get this Figma Shana via hobby magazine mail-order, though which magazine(s) involved was not being mentioned. Two types of hair part included for both sales types - the normal black hair and her signature flaming hair.

Images and information from Figma Blog.