Sunday, October 14, 2007


No, not this one...

...but an irritating one, like this.

13 October, Saturday night 10pm, first day of the Hari Raya holidays, supposedly the most relaxing time for me and my plan was to build MG Strike Noir. So with a cup of tea, I was having my own little fun while the rest of my family watched some TV outside. Suddenly the light went out, my CD player went dead silence, and so is the old fan in my room. It's blackout time again.

Almost instantaneously, some nice "$#%&^*" XD broke out in the darkness from me. This is the fifth blackout in my area in this month alone, and currently we're still in the first half of the month! What's going on anyway?

I quickly leave the stuff on my table, since I can't see anything. If I tried to clean up a bit, some really tiny pieces of the model might vanish in the darkness and my Strike Noir might be handicapped permanently. Outside, my family wasn't too pleased either, as their good time was interrupted as well. Since we don't know when the electricity was going to be "resurrected", the best solution was just to go to bed.

Sound deceptively easy, but it was extremely hard to sleep in such hot condition. I'm also used to the rumbling of my fan as my lullaby ^^ Sometime at 2am, I was awakened by the light and fan, and realized that somebody at the electricity board was up all this while fixing the problem.

Thanks very much~ Now you can go to sleep, and I can go sleepless finishing my Gunpla.

So I spent the next few hours completing MG Strike Noir. When I finally completed it at around 7am, I was too tired to continue with its action poses using the Action Display base, so I decided that I would finish with that tonight and do the review tomorrow.

Here's a bit of preview though.

When I finally went to bed, my family was already up, and I found out that the sunshine outside became as irritating as last night's blackout for me to get some proper sleep! >_<