Thursday, October 25, 2007

MG Destiny Unleashed

Three postings from me today ^^; and this one is definitely the most sensational one:

MG Destiny is Out!!

You can check out all the parts, as well as the construction manual from Hobby Search.

If you're waiting to be surprised and amazed at the content of Destiny if you had pre-ordered yours from somewhere, you might want to stop right here and read something else, because I'm going to break out the spoilers of the content here (a bad habit I always commit ^^;). Sorry!

Extra delicious box side details XD

Confirmed: fang-like splits on both sides of the face are molded.

This is the same type of polycap set for MG Strike Freedom, but it seems like Destiny uses even less polycaps, judging from the number of 'X' marks on this part tree.

The shoulder joints of Destiny are brand new designs, built for the action of the beam boomerangs and the anti-ship beam sword no doubt.

The wing unit for Destiny is surprisingly easy to assemble, and a lot less parts involved as well. For me, this is a great design, as it reduces the weight of the wings and allow the backpack to be more durable even for a lot of wing actions.

The joints of the wing unit can be pulled out from the backpack so that the wings will not collide with the backpack :-)

More pull-out ability: the legs' joints can be pulled out at the groin, for a more exaggerated pose with the display stand maybe?

The manual also explicitly instructs users to bend the beam boomerang for a more curvy appearance. I don't think I will follow that step though ^^
Also, there seems to be some nifty stuff you can do with the parts for the display stand as well. Cool!

Looks like the beam shield generators need to be shared by the two sets of hands, so when you want to switch between the 'normal' MG hand to the spread palm, there's a bit of work transferring the shield generator as well.
Best if Bandai can just throw in another set of generators for the spread palms, then Destiny will be perfect ^^

All images from Hobby Search.