Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gundam 00 Episode 3

If you don't know this already: Gundam 00 Episode 3 is out. I watched it just now, and enjoyed it very much, especially the battle scene between Exia and a new opponent. I sincerely hope that the 1/100 scale model of Exia can be as coolsome as how he is in this episode.

Here are some stuff we get from Episode 3. I'll try not to spill out the spoilers instead ^^
(1) We finish the battle sequence between Exia and Union Flag "postponed" in last week.
(2) The whole world is trying hard to crack the secrets of the four Gundams as well as the organization of Celestial Beings itself.
(3) We get some idea about the power plant of the Gundams.
(4) More new characters are introduced, and among them, new collaborators Celestial Beings on Earth.
(5) A new variation of Tieren is introduced.
(6) Setsuna settles down on Earth.

I went to Youtube just now, and find that Episode 3 is now available yet. So, I watched it from another source: Tudou, which has Mandarin sub instead.

And here are some juicy screen shots :-)

Somehow I find the picture above to be quite hilarious after a while XD