Thursday, October 11, 2007

MG Unicorn on Display

First hand photos (for my blog, it would be second hand XD) from Gunpla Secret Factory. Look at MG Unicorn's in Destroy Mode!!

Totally kick-ass!! December faster come XD

The Ver. Ka box cover follows the precedence of Gundam Ver. Ka, Wing Ver. Ka, Ball Ver. Ka, and Crossbone X-1 Ver. Ka.

The photos are from Plamo Radicon Show 2007, one of the many annual hobby exhibition in Japan. Last year's event unveiled many sweet Gunpla such as MG Strike Freedom, HG 1/144 Stargazer, SD Strike Noir, Ex-Model Hildolfr and many more. I believe this year's event will continue such "tradition" as well, and Gundam fans will get to see more interesting stuff coming out from more reports. Just stay tuned!

Here are some more goodies (images from Run Chicken S):

Looks like Sazabi isn't the only one who will get the metallic coating treatment, his arch-rival Nu Gundam will get the same release as well. Can't really see the price tag in this photo ^^;
After HGUC Jagd Doga, the next Char's Counterattack mecha to be out is ReGZ. I can see that the wings of the Backpack Weapon System (BWS) has been redesigned from the MG version.

Here's a sign that tells you to anticipate more CCA mecha from the HGUC line right into next year.