Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MG Destiny Special Edition & HG 1/144 Exia

You've seen the normal version of MG Destiny Gundam, now it's time to take a look at the Special Edition, most notably the Wings of Light in action.

Images from The Gundam Base Side 1.

I really doubt that this is going to be the box cover for the Special Edition. Not only is it smaller (think about the box for MG Strike Freedom Full Burst), plus it doesn't show off the Wings of Light.
Anyway, this confirms that the "boring-box-cover" rumor is indeed true.

So that's how you play with the beam boomerang effect part XD

Of all the weapons on Destiny, the huge anti-ship sword is my favorite, and I'm glad that the MG treatment gave it a much sharper and meaner design.

Now I'm waiting to see if the rumor that the handle of the beam cannon being retractable is true. Hopefully yes ^_^

The beam saber which is more like an accessory to Destiny since he has the anti-ship sword. But look at the shoulder articulation o_0

I'm not surprise if some fans would purchase both MG Strike Freedom FB and Destiny SE at the same time. But before you run out of money, maybe you should consider whether there's enough space on your desk to put these two giants together!

Next, we peek in on the upcoming HG 1/144 Gundam Exia. My first impression about it is pretty cool. Just from the parts of this kit alone you can see how much details and playability the completed model will be. I predict that the 1/100 scale version will be not more than just the enlarged version of this Gunpla.

Images from Gunpla Secret Factory.

Clear parts are provided for the chest and legs. Should look way cooler than merely applying stickers onto normal parts.

The huge blade is definitely attractive.

The beam saber on the left side of this particular part tree needs some serious paiting :(
Now that I see it, I'm quite amazed at just how few the total parts are for this HG. Is it because of the technological advancement of Bandai, or maybe Exia's design is just plain simple.

The sticker for this HG. The biggest slide of white is for the shield.

The construction manual for the model.

The completed model is actually compatible with the special display stand from HCM-Pro Gundam Exia.

Finally, before signing off, the last trailer for Gundam 00 before it's on TV.

Trailer from Youtube. If you can't see anything, follow this link to Youtube.