Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tiny-Biny Updates on MG Unicorn & Others

A little bit of updates on the upcoming MG Unicorn from SRW Hotnews:

At least this time we get to see the backpack of Unicorn ^^;

Isn't this the same plain prototype we see many moons ago?

When are we going to see the final prototype? I buey-ta-han-liaw XD (can't wait any longer)

Also, HGUC ReGZ scheduled for January 2008 release is already in its final prototype form. It looks way better than the original ReGZ in 1994. Not only do you get way cooler articulation from this redesigned HGUC version, the BWS is also included, which means ReGZ itself will have the ability for transformation to dock with the BWS. Not sure if there's any special display stand to mount ReGZ's Waverider as seen in the MG version though.

The shield can now be mounted on the side of the forearm, something extra from the MG version.

On the other hand, time really flies. We are now looking at Gunpla coming in 2008. Plus, today is the official release date for MG Destiny in Japan, which happens to be the second last MG this year. After Destiny, we'll be looking towards the release of MG Unicorn, and then we are off for the new year. Pretty scary eh~ o_0

And now off to more Gundam 00 stuff, specifically the "revitalized" Mobile Suit in Action line. For your information, the previous release was Akatsuki Shiranui Pack, which was in July. As compared to the previous MSIAs, the Gundam 00 mecha are quit expensive: Exia is 2,000 Yen, Dynames and Kyrios are 2,500 Yen each, an Virtue is 3,000 Yen. For comparison, look at Aile Strike and Force Impulse Gundam are 1,500 Yen each; while Destiny and Strike Freedom are 1,600 Yen each. However, the quality of the new MSIA is really high. Plus, the paint work and the panel-lines are very detailed as well. Definitely better than the four mentioned earlier on. Is the quality high enough and worthwhile for your extra expenditure? I never bought any MSIA before actually ^^;

All images from Amiami.

Somehow I feel that the sword mounted on Exia's hip is longer than the Gunpla version.

Even the yellow interior on both sides of his helmet is nicely painted :-) and all the designated weapons are included.

Nice articulation of the shoulders and the arms.

Look at the ankles :-)

Some nice poses with the weapons.

Kyrios's beam sabers can change into the shorter beam daggers, while Exia needs four for all of them.

All the GN Particle Generators are expendable, and just look at the twin cannons 0_0
Also, this is actually the first time I know that Virtue has beam sabers/daggers.