Thursday, October 25, 2007

Revoltech Patlabor Mecha

Three Revoltech Patlabor (OVA series) goodies are coming out this December. Each of them is 1,900 Yen.

Are you a fan of Patlabor? I watched Patlabor the TV series when I was in primary school, and always felt that the story is more light-hearted (as compared to Gundam) and sometimes, quite funny as well. I remembered there were a few episodes where the Patlabors were deployed to fight monster in the jungle, dragon in the sewers of Japan, and even ghosts in abandoned buildings. Giant robots against the spiritual world, trust me, you will love Patlabor for sure ^^

There's some connection between Patlabor and the world of Gundam actually, in terms of their voice actors: Ryunosuke Ohbayashi who voiced for Captain Kiichi Goto is also Rakan Dakaran in ZZ Gundam, Yoshiko Sakakibara who voiced for Captain Shinobu Nagumo is actually Haman Kahn, yes, Haman-sama (my favorite ^^), and You Inoue who pass away in February this year voiced for both Clancy Kanuka in Patlabor and Sayla Mass in the original Gundam.

ARL-99 Helldiver

Type-7B/2B Brocken (OVA version)

Type-7B/2B Brocken (TV version)

All images from Amiami.