Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PLAMO Review 25: MG Strike Noir Part 3

The review today will focus on the comparison between Strike Noir and its predecessor, Strike.

At first glance, Strike Noir looks much sharper, and together with that dark color scheme, easily reminds you of his evil nature.

Comparison 1: Shoulder

Not only is shoulder armor different (Strike Noir's shoulders feature embedded thrusters), the details of the interior are different as well.

Comparison 2: Arm

Like I said yesterday, there are less inner mecha exposed for Strike Noir, as most of them are in armor now. Plus, you can easily see the difference between the waist armor here.

Strike's shield can be mounted onto Strike Noir's arm, but the elbow armor has to be removed.

Comparison 3: Head & Body

Clear difference between the body. There's a set of verniers (the yellow parts) now in the chest, which are quite troublesome to assemble actually ^^;
The head of Strike Noir has longer V-Fin, plus the vulcan inside the head is molded separately to differentiate its color from the black helmet.

Top view: Strike Noir's chest armor (? - the grey parts) extends from the collar area through the chest to the abdomen, creating the area in the mid-section almost exclusively for the cockpit.

Strike Noir's cockpit hatch is way easier to open :-D

The red thrusters for the backpack and the waist armor are molded for you to save you from the nightmare of painting red on black surface.

Comparison 4: Leg

It's spot-the-difference-game time XD

As with the red thrusters for the body, the little thrusters behind the legs are also molded in their actual color.

Comparison 5: Backpack

Didn't I tell you Strike Noir's wingspan is wide?

Comparison 6: Compatibility

Strike Noir looks quite cool with the Aile pack, probably because both of them have the colors of red and black.
Also, Strike Noir's unique hand for holding the beam rifle proved much user-friendly than the general purpose ones on Strike, as the later can't really grab the rifle firmly.

And of course, the beam saber is now available for Strike Noir to show off.

The launch platform/display base of Strike is of course compatible with Strike Noir.

It can even use the power cord from the launch platform.

Not sure about you, but the Noir Striker pack doesn't look too fit on Strike, even though it's perfectly compatible.