Saturday, October 13, 2007

Plamo Radicon Show 2007 Photos Part 3

For Part 3, we will have a look at some non-Gundam merchandises on display during the show.

B Club's Resin kit for Full Armor Zeta Gundam - Seen this before, but just can't remember when and where. Anyway, it's just an armor add-on kit for your HGUC Zeta, but the price? 14,490 Yen (around RM508) o_0
In the middle is another conversion pack from B Club, this time for HGUC Gundam Mk II so that it will appear closer to what he looks like in the anime. 4,725 Yen (around RM166).
On the right is the only completely new model among these three: 1/144 Hambrabi Redesigned Version. 15,540 Yen (around RM544)
Images from Tsukurikake Mokei Dojo

Bandai's next big move for its Real Robot Revolution line: Xabungle. Should be transformable as well. Image from Gunpla Secret Factory

After a long wait, Wave finally came up with a new kit from the Five Star Stories. Not sure the name, but 3,780 Yen (around RM133) is not too bad. Image from Gunpla Secret Factory

Many unknown mecha for me from Kotobukiya's Armored Core, but they always look awesome and cool. Maybe some day I will get one to assembly myself ^^
Images from Tsukurikake Mokei Dojo.

Also from Kotobukiya, models from the Super Robot War line. On the left is the huge 1/100 scale Alteisen. Next to him on the right is the blue Alteisen-wannabe XD Alteisen Nacht.

Left: 1/144 Wildwuger High Mobility Type
Right: 1/144 Arblade Custom

Awesome horse for Daigenguar. No info on release date nor price yet.
Images from Tsukurikake Mokei Dojo.

Also from Kotobukiya, the biggest Zoids release so far: 1/72 Geno Saurer which has a full length of about 35cm. Release date is December, at the price of 8,190 Yen (around RM287). Image from Gunpla Secret Factory

This is Shield Liger Mk-II, which will come together with Geno Saurer at the price of 4,800 Yen (around RM168). Image from Gunpla Secret Factory

Blade Liger will be out one month earlier than the two other Zoids, same price as Shield Liger Mk-II above. Image from Tsukurikake Mokei Dojo.