Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gundam 00 MSV EDITED

We are just three episodes into Gundam 00, and its sidestories are already out! Not just one, but three at the same time: 00P from Dengeki Hobby Magazine, 00F from Gundam Ace, and 00V from Hobby Japan. Wow! I remembered for Gundam SEED, the MSV only came out around a year later. Things certainly move super fast with Gundam 00, just like Gundam Exia XD

Today we'll have a look at a few new variations of Gundam Exia from some Japanese magazine scans:

First of all, on Gundam 00P. Images from SRW Hotnews and description from Gunota Headlines.

GNY-001 Gundam Astraea
Designed by Kanetake Ebikawa (the same person who designed Gundam Exia)
Mecha that takes its name from Astraea, a goddess of justice. In order of succession, it is an Exia proto-unit but at this point in time, it's a general purpose mecha and not a close combat-use unit. How this machine evolves is very interesting.
Armament: Shield, beam rifle, beam saber x 2

No more huge sword?

Characters (from left):
Marlene Bloody - A heinous criminal. Excellent as a pilot.
Shal Akstica - A 16-year-old girl chosen to be a Meister.
Louid Resonance - An engineer-type whose strength is in mechanics.

The V-fin is getting shorter and shorter for Exia, the one on his head I mean. The pair on top of his chest is getting longer instead.

Not stopping with the side stories, Dengeki Japan for February 2008 issue will throw in the free set of parts for converting your HG 1/144 Exia to Gundam Astraea. According to the info, that issue will be available on Christmas this year. Don't forget to mark the calendar for the date ^^

Dengeki Japan always comes up with nifty gifts for the readers :-)

Next, 00V - don't get confused yet about the series' name ^^;

GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia
Head height: 18.3m
Total weight: 62.1t (Avalanche equipment weight 4.9t)
A Gundam Exia with additional high mobility equipment.
Design by Kanetake Ebikawa
Armament: GN sword, GN long blade, GN short blade, GN beam saber x 2, GN beam dagger x 2, GN shield, GN vulcans x 2
Affiliation: Celestial Being

All the swords are mounted on his back instead. Maybe we can also call him Full Armor Gundam Exia as well? :-D

It seems like he can take off all the armor pieces and return to his "original form".

Finally, on Gundam 00F from Gundam Ace.

EDITED: info on these two mecha from Gunota Headlines.
GNY-001 Gundam Astraea
A proto-unit in the Gundam Exia lineage. Has the name of the goddess of justice depicted on the justice tarot card. Equipped with a mask for hiding the fact that it is a Gundam.
Design by Kanetake Ebikawa

GNY-004 Gundam Plutone
A Gundam proto-unit. Has the name "Pluto" from the "judgment" tarot card. Appears as though it has a function corresponding to its card meaning of "rebirth, change". Judging by the model number, was it discontinued during development? It seems to have a (?) connection with Chall in the past.
Design by Takayuki Yanase (the designer for Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue)

Characters: Chall Acoustica & Fon Spark

The one on the left is Gundam Astraea in crimson paint scheme, while the one on the right is Gundam Plutone

Lastly, a few new and old mecha from the Gundam 00 anime:

Top left: Graham Arce's Customized Union Flag - Not sure about the paint scheme yet, but the only "customized" part is just the huge rifle.
Top right: Amph - the mobile suit Setsuna battled in Episode 1
Bottom left: Tieren Long Range Shooting Type from Episode 2
Bottom right: Helion "ra-ro-ri-su-to" (directly from the kanji translation) version - any idea where you have seen this before?