Friday, October 19, 2007

GFF Shin Musha Gundam

Gundam Fix Figuration Shin Musha Gundam is already out~

Like most other GFF figures, Shin Musha Gundam is really, er, nice~ I'm trying to refrain myself from saying the word 'sexy' instead XD I remembered I used that word to describe some Gunpla during a chit chat, and all my friends gave me the exact look of o_0, as if I was intoxicated by my milk tea :-D

Sexy for you?

Anyway, this is the only mass produced merchandise so far for this fantasy mecha from Gundam Musha, the famous PS3 game. I sure hope that it will come out as a MG kit one day. I really like the overall design, the thick armors together with the gold tubes around them are amazingly refreshing, but you can still get the very heavy Gundam 'feel' on this mecha, it feels like there's a Gundam hiding underneath those armors.

Not sure what 'shin' means in Japanese, but in Chinese, it means 'real' or 'genuine'.

This GFF allows you to convert between Shin Musha and Musha Gundam, where all the armors pieces are different. Not sure if all the armors can be detached though. I bet the producer was thinking that the fans would rather keep the armors on all the time to show off its beauty.

Huge trident and naginata!

Nice sword pose

A old-fashioned musket. I don't think Gundam likes it very much XD

The huge trident in action. Look at his head, seems like its movement is quite limited by its helmet.

As for me, Shin Musha Gundam is not on my purchase list at this time. I like assembling Gunpla myself instead of collecting completed figures. Also, like I said, I'm hoping for a MG version of this kit. It's 4,800 Yen (around RM168) which is actually the same price as MG Destiny.

If you like to know, my pick of the GFF line is GM Sniper Custom. A lot of accessories, and it's able to convert into a Gundam as well ^^

All images from GFF Maniac