Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gundam 00 Episode 2

*Shaded text are spoilers of Episode 2. Highlight the text if you wish to read them*

Gundam 00 Episode 2: Gundam Meister was out some days ago, and right after building my MG Strike Noir, I watched that Episode via Internet streaming. At the moment, I still don't have much intention of downloading it, since my hard disk is running low on space >_< Also, I don't see any point downloading it yet.

Don't get me wrong, Gundam 00 is way better in terms of animation quality as compared to the previous Gundam anime, and it's way too early to judge the overall quality with just two episodes released. But I just can't shake off the feeling that something is amiss here.

For example, the young celebrity Wan Ryuumin seems to know almost everything about the Celestial Being's "operation" on Earth, almost too much actually, and that's quite freaky for me. As the screen keeps going back-and-forth between the people on Earth and the crew of Ptolemaios, through their dialogue, usually in just a one-liner, I feel that everyone seems to know what's going on and is anticipating what's going to happen next, except the audience.

"Just as planned!" What do you mean just as planned? You have planned for every one of your "armed interventions"?

Also, the Gundams are just too strong for their opponents. Gundam Exia is unscathed (completely) from Tieren's long range bombardment; while his sword cut through enemy MSs like hot knife on butter. One shot of Virtue's beam cannon destroyed one carrier on the sea. Dynames scores 100% for his target practice in this episode, and Kyrios destroyed an enemy base on his own. Kids will definitely like it, but I'm seeing more and more shadows of Strike Freedom in Gundam 00.

Maybe Setsuna entered "power overwhelming" (cheat code for StarCraft) into Exia's Operating System XD

Gundam Dynames isn't as cool this time round as he was in Episode 1.

On the other hand, the situation of the world is being explained in details by narrator Amuro Ray, I mean Toru Furuya, so it's easier now to see who's fighting who and why. I like the idea of putting current global issues into the story of Gundam 00. It's very realistic, and regrettable as well, that the truth of armed conflicts cannot be solved in the near future is being reflected in futuristic style combats.

We get to see some character development in this episode. Setsuna's childhood nightmare seems to be still plaguing him in combat, while Lockon Stratos, pilot of Dynames seems to be the most interesting (and more human-like XD) member in the gang. Tieria (pilot of Virtue) and Allelujah (pilot of Kyrios) both showed some unique characteristics through their dialogue as well.

I still can't get rid of the "gender confusion" on Tieria out of my mind yet XD

Aeolia Schenberg who announced the objective of the Celestial Being at the end of Episode 1 appeared to be someone who's dead for 2 centuries! Probably the most surprising plot turn in Episode 2.
Click on the image for a clearer view on his profile.
Also, he looks more and more like Admiral Aiguille Delaz in UC0083: Stardust Memory to me. Even his voice in Episode 1 sounded like him.

Episode 3 will be out pretty soon. I'm hoping to get more answer about what's going on amidst all the expectedly one-sided battle sequences.