Monday, October 01, 2007

MG Destiny Special Edition... Like That Only? [EDITED]

Maybe I was expecting too much

The so-called special edition of the upcoming MG Destiny. A pair of wings with color-changing effect and the beam effect of the palm. Seriously, is that all?

The normal version is 4800 Yen, while this special edition version is 7000 Yen. 2200 Yen more for these three additional parts. Worth it? You decide.

Luckily I was wrong ^^;

Image from Bandai Hobby Site

Just view the information about this kit on Bandai Hobby's English Site, and found out that there are several other selling points for this Gunpla, most notably the inner frame which is in chrome (plated color, much like MG Strike Freedom Full Burst), clear parts for showing the beam boomerang being thrown, and 1/20 scale figures of Shin Asuka and Kira Yamato (the 1/100 scale figures of Shin and Stella will also be included).