Tuesday, October 09, 2007

1/72 Full Armor Gundam

G System Shop, the resin kit manufacturer based in Hong Kong always come up with some lovely masterpieces ahead of the industry they are in. I'm a huge fan of their work, including the 1/72 scale Sazabi Evolved Ver. and PG Zaku II's conversion kit for Jadg Doga. However, the price for their models, as well as all resin kits, are way too expensive for me. Plus, one needs some serious skills in painting in order to produce the same quality of Gunplas done by the company, so I'm just a window-shopper really ^^

The company's recent completed project is 1/72 scale Full Armor Gundam (Gundam Sentinel's Version). Although technically, there is no FA Gundam in Gundam Sentinel's era, I believe the designer applied many elements from Gundam Sentinel into this model, thus giving it such version specification.

It's just plain awesome no matter from which angle viewed.

And indeed, components such as the huge backpack thrusters and the targeting sensor on the left shoulder looks very similar to that of Ex-S Gundam, while the long knee armor, front skirt armor and the extra thrusters on the side of the legs seems that they are designed after EFSF's FAZZ Gundam.

However, don't get me wrong, even though the designs are based heavily on Gundam Sentinel, I still like this completed kit very much. The details are gorgeous, and there's no feeling of awkwardness seeing Gundam clad in armors that belong to another timeline. Also, I'm so glad that G System Shop dumped the traditional blue-red-yellow color scheme of Gundam for the armor and adopted mainly blue and grey instead.

The armors can be removed to review the Gundam beneath it. Although it's incomplete, it's still an interesting feature for a resin kit.

Also, G System Shop went one step forward in altering the usual "for-display-only" concept of resin kit and design a movable and posable frame for this kit. It even has sliding armors for the thighs and a complete inner frame for the arms! Even though the kit is expensive, I believe all these details is well worth the money spent, which is by the way, a whopping $355 (around RM1,200).

Some limited actions for the legs.

Some simple details for the inner frame of the arms.

The company's future plan include Conversion pack for 1/72 scale Hi-Nu Gundam. The extremely elegant design of Hi-Nu Gundam combined with the rich articulation of PG Strike's inner frame. That's definitely something to look out for in the future. No information yet on the exact release date, so stay tuned for more updates.

Can't wait to see the completed model of this giant :-)