Thursday, December 11, 2008

00 Gundam, GN Archer Gattai!

Now 00 Gundam looks a bit like Zeta to me ^^

Apart from Arios and O Raizer, GN Archer can also combine with 00 Gundam. Quite a universal support unit. XD

I wonder what will happen to the hidden MS inside GN Archer after the combination.

The image above is from a promo poster for HCM Pro 62-00 G Box 00 Raizer Set. Moeyo has a review on this HCM-Pro set, which is released today, along with the 1/100 Gunpla version.

Name changed indeed. ^^; It was O Riser the other day.

Has a pair of long beam sabers, and the 1/100 Gunpla version doesn't :(

Groovy marking all over the body ^^

Soft and hard type V-Fin included (軟質と硬質の2種のアンテナ部分など).

All images from Moeyo.