Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Gunpla Review from Hobby Japan & Model Graphix June Issue

Magazine scans from Hobby Japan and Model Graphix June issue covering the reviews on a few recently released Gunplas:

MG Sword/Launcher Strike

HJ6_Review_MGStrikePack_01_s HJ6_Review_MGStrikePack_02_s
HJ6_Review_MGStrikePack_03_s HJ6_Review_MGStrikePack_04_s

1/100 Astraea

HJ6_Review_1-100_Astraea_01_s HJ6_Review_1-100_Astraea_02_s HJ6_Review_1-100_Astraea_03_s
HJ6_Review_1-100_Astraea_04_s HJ6_Review_1-100_Astraea_05_s

HG 1/144 Nadleeh

HJ6_Review_1-144_Nadleeh_01_s HJ6_Review_1-144_Nadleeh_02_s HJ6_Review_1-144_Nadleeh_03_s
Check out the the review on two straight assembled Nadleeh in this previous posting.

HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Drei

HJ6_Review_1-144_Drei_01_s HJ6_Review_1-144_Drei_02_s HJ6_Review_1-144_Drei_03_s

Magazine scans above are from Hobby Japan June issue.

Unlike Hobby Japan, Model Graphix has less coverage on Gunplas since it's targeted more towards military model collectors.

MG6_Drei_Nadleeh_03_s MG6_Drei_Nadleeh_02_s MG6_Drei_Nadleeh_01_s

Guren Type-02

MG6_Guren2nd_01_s MG6_Guren2nd_02_s
Check out the review on a straight assembled Guren Type-02 in this previous posting.

Magazine scans above are from Model Graphix June issue.