Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka - Minimal Details for the Leg?

Absolute Gunpla is currently reviewing the leg component of MG Sinanju Ver. Ka, and...

... I don't see much details on the inner frame of its leg. ^^;

The leg and the thigh look pretty plain. ^^;

Maybe Katoki-sensei doesn't fancy having so many interior details for his design. Maybe what he wants is the fans to appreciate the finished model, as well as the decals and markings instead.

Like the GFF series.

Then again, I can't say I'm entirely sure, because this also depends on either all the parts are shown.

Also, for those who just 'recovered' from panel-lining MG Infinite Justice or Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0, this might not be an entirely upsetting news at all XD

Anyway, the articulation and the gimmicks of the leg has not been compromised.

Looks like apart from the thruster on the side of the leg, the one behind the leg can be lifted as well.

Articulation designed for the 'toe' as well.

I just realized how small Sinanju's feet are as compared to many other Zeon MSs ^^;

No change in my plan of getting this MG nonetheless. 8 days till its official release. ^^

All images from Absolute Gunpla.