Monday, December 01, 2008

GFF Kyoshiro Maniax Red Warrior & Others

Coverage on GFF Kyoshiro Maniax Red Warrior in this month's Hobby Japan:

GFF #0040 Red Warrior - Just released, 5,775 Yen (inclusive of tax).
GFF N. ZII - Late March release, 8,190 Yen (inclusive of tax).
GFF Metal Composite #1005 Z Plus [Red] - Late February release, 18,900 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Scans from Toysdaily.

Moeyo has a review on the Japanese release of this GFF:

Comes with two heads with different V-Fin design.

Images from Moeyo.

Another review can be found on GFF Maniax, which shows it to be more articulate, especially the legs.

Another release in the Kyoshiro Maniax line is Mini Fig Vol. 1. All nine types, including 4 normal colors (see this previous posting), 4 alternate colors and 1 secret type. Each set will contain 12 figures, each one of them is about 10 cm tall. Late December release, 735 Yen each.

This latest scan shows the 4 alternate colors: FA Gundam (Blue - Green), Devil Gundam "Bloody Mary" (Red - Blue), Guncarrier (white - dark gray) and Skull Head Zaku I (different numbering for the head I think). The secret type mentioned is still unknown.

On the right is the introduction of Guncarrier.

Scans from Toysdaily.

Also, gashapon and capsule toys news from this month's Hobby Japan. Most of them are quite old news actually. ^^;

Gundam Action Models - Collectibles with chewing gum. All 5 types (four Gundams from Double O Season 2 + 00 in Trans-Am color). 9.5cm tall each. Early December release, 473 Yen each.

Ultimate Solid Gundam - Just 00 is shown this time, but there are 8 types in total (see this previous posting). 8cm tall each. Late November release, 400 Yen each.

1/300 S.O.G.F. III - All 9 types include Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom, Gundam Sandrock Custom A & B, Gundam Nataku A & B, V Gundam Dash & Hex, Gunbuster and Gun-EZ. Late February release, 420 Yen each.

More images in this previous posting.

Magnetic Scout Gundam (M.S.G.) Gundam Double O - Featuring all four Gundams from Gundam Double O Season 2. Gundam 00 has Trans-Am mode coloring. February release, 200 Yen each.

Banpresto's prize items:
- Kiba Musha Real Figure Shingen Gundam, Kenshin Gundam & Kiba Musha - Late December release. 10cm tall each.
- Gundam Head Display Series 3 - Mid December release. 10cm tall each.
- DX Heroine Mileina Vashti - Late May 2009 release. 2 designs. 19 cm tall.
- DX Display Model Special 00 - Late March 2009 release. 12 cm tall.
* More images in this previous posting

Scans from Toysdaily.