Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka - Head, Chest, Shoulder & Arm

Three websites are running updates on the assembly of MG Sinanju Ver. Ka right now:
- Gunpla Secret Base
- Absolute Gunpla
- Dengeki Hobby's Super Modelers

At the moment, their progress is up til the upper body of this MG, excluding the backpack. Let's take a peek:

Tons and tons of parts to keep your hands busy through holidays ^^

There are all 22 runners in total according to Gunpla Secret Base - 8 singular ones and 7 doubles, plus another four metallic ring pipes for the conductive pipes on the waist. Might contain other items not being mentioned since the ones sent to these modelers are just samples from Bandai.

Closeups on the stickers and decals.

Gunpla Secret Base and Absolute Gunpla are using the golden foil stickers for their Sinanju. The same goes for the one on display mentioned yesterday. With some skills in apply those stickers, the effect is not too bad at all.

For most of the parts, like the chest, collar and wrist, the stickers cover the entire emblem - gold and black parts will all be covered up. According to Gunpla Secret Base, the stickers are designed to be very precise (このシールは精度が高く、思ったよりもキレイに貼り込めますので驚きました。). That sure is a great news for folks who are not confident with the clear sticker, or Gundam marker and paint.

You can also treat the foil stickers as your last resort in treating the emblems. If you didn't do well with applying the clear stickers or painting, since the foil stickers cover up both the gold and black parts.

Can't really see the eye even in this closeup ^^;

Even with the pilot cockpit fit into the abdomen, there's quite a bit of size missing from the body. No full inner frame maybe?

There's a little Neo Zeon crest just below the neck ^^

Not just the cockpit, all the clear parts are molded in clear green (like BB Senshi Exia and 00 Gundam). Yet another nice feature of this MG (but I wonder why Bandai took so long to implement this? ^^;)

Not much difference between the height of Sinanju and Zaku II Ver. 2.0's upper body, definitely not as much as when compared to Sazabi.
Unicorn in Destroy mode would be a much valid comparison I think.

Collars, armor pieces for the back and shoulder, joint for the abdomen to the upper body and the conductive pipes for the waist. There will be some extra rings according to Gunpla Secret Base.

The foil stickers are nicely traced onto the parts according to the elevation of the emblems. Not bad at all ^^
And the eye is totally not visible XD

A very simple joint for the shoulder -just three parts for each. Hope it can hold the arm, especially when the shield is mounted.

Elbow joint designed from MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 ^^

You can see that the wrist is separated from the arm with a ball-type joint between them. That's from MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, and it gives more flexibility to the wrist. ^^

The palm is *exactly* the same as MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 :D

The interior of the shoulder is molded as a single piece.

So far, just the upper body is exciting enough for me ^^

Images from:
- Gunpla Secret Base
- Absolute Gunpla
- Dengeki Hobby's Super Modelers