Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gundam 00 2nd Season New Characters, 1/100 O Raizer Box Art & Others

New characters from Gundam Double O Season 2:

Aryu Ritan (?). From the text it seems that she's an expert in many fields. Will she be the pilot of GN Archer?

GNZ-005 Garanzo(?) & a new character Buringu (?). Clearly an Innovator, what role will he take on in the show?

Images from Toysdaily.

Large images, including the box art of 1/100 O Raizer this time:

Click for larger view.

Is it O Raizer, or O Raiser? ^^; (as with O Riser for the HCM-Pro G Box mentioned this afternoon)
Just use either 'z' or 's' as you will I think, we all know what it's referring to anyway.

Images are from Infinity Wonderland. The website also has a large image of HG 1/144 Arios:

December 18th release, 1,575 Yen (inclusive of tax).

On the other hand, Amiami has three new images of G.F.F. Metal Composite #1005 Z Plus [Red].

Late February release, 18,900 Yen (inclusive of tax). Same release date and price for the limited Blue version.

Images from Amiami.