Thursday, December 25, 2008

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Now Available

Just came back from my Christmas "all-you-can-eat" visiting trip with my friends XD

Anyway, today happens to be the much awaited release date for MG Sinanju Ver. Ka. ^^ You can have a look at the content and construction manual on Hobby Search and since this morning I think.

Even Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2008 decided to give this MG an early release despite the plan of putting it on sales tomorrow (26 December).

The exclusive gold coin giveaway for this MG at the event ^^

And someone purchased two already O_O
Envious... envious...

Get to the Metropolis Mall now, Quentin, before it's out of stock XD

Images from Hong Kong Model League - Link 1, Link 2.

Just noticed two things about this MG:

The V-fin for MG Unicorn Ver. Ka can indeed be found on the clear sticker set of Sinanju. Not available on the foil sticker though.

Someone spotted this and commented about it on my blog already, several days ago. Sharp eyes! Nice ^^

The targeting sensor must be detached when the rifle is to be mounted on the rear skirt armor. Too bad for that.

Images from

A few more new images of this MG:

Full decal and markings, this Sinanju uses the clear stickers for the golden emblems I think.

All images above are from Bandai Hobby Center's Space Diary of the Captain.

Also, the last part of Gunpla Secret Base's review on this kit is now up. It's about the issues that may arise for using foil stickers on this MG.

I think fans in Malaysia will have to wait till next year to see this MG in out local stores. A Christmas present for yourself have to be turned into a New Year gift instead.

Buy two for compensation maybe? XD