Thursday, December 18, 2008

SDX Knight Gundam, Robot Damashii

Almost in no time, reviews are up for SDX Knight Gundam and Robot Damashii Gawain on Blog-like Yard Review O_O

Very detailed painting of the chain mail on the head ...

... but I still prefer the armored version more ^^

Part swapping for the Centaur mode transformation.

The height of the display stand seems to be adjustable.

The articulation is quite well given its size.

First look of the Hadron Cannon mounted in its shoulders!

The figure of Zero can be taken out from the cockpit.

All images from Blog-like Yard Review.

Apron Model Production Diary has just started building his BB Senshi Sangokuden Emperor Ryuubi. Those who are interested in this kit should bookmark his site for updates.

The third BB Senshi kit of this box size, after Ryofu Tallgeese and Ryoumou Dijeh & Kannei Kampfer Gou Assault Marine Set.

The opposite side of the plated parts are not-so cool. ^^; Painting (gold) is still required for parts like the wings since they can be seen for both sides when assembled.

Has a set of white polycap.

As compared to many other BB Senshi Sangokuden kits, Emperor Ryuubi has very few stickers.

Images are from Apron Model Production Diary.

I'm still looking for reviews on HG 1/144 Arios.