Friday, December 12, 2008

Dororo Chieftain Musha Robo Now Available

Too many O Raizer yesterday, and I forgot about the little fella ^^;

Dororo Chieftain Musha Robo is available on Hobby Search.

Dororo Chieftain Musha Robo is quite an important release in its series actually. Now all five Musha Robos are complete. For those who have purchased the singular releases of the previous four, they can start playing with the giant gattai already. I'm waiting for the box set though, ^^ and hopefully, it will come with some extra goodies as well, like the beam saber, cape and a display stand in God Keron.

Although the concept is the same as God Keron, Musha Robo takes the series one level higher. For example, Keroro Musha Robo can combine with Tamama Musha Robo for a new mode, and another one with Kururu Musha Robo. And unlike God Keron, Musha Robo is designed with much better articulation, so there are plenty of playability apart from the gattai itself.

As a result, Musha Robo seems more like the Mugen Gattai series to me now. For each transformation, you'll have to separate all the parts, and there are plenty of hinges and connectors here and there, allowing you to come up with combos not even available in the manual.

On the other hand, Action Display Base Celestial Beings Ver. is also available since yesterday:

The base is white, but the stand is clear ^^

All images from Hobby Search.