Saturday, December 13, 2008

1/144 Full Kit GN Sefer

An introduction of 1/144 Full Kit GN Sefer, the prize item to be included in the upcoming February issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine from Gundam Dot Info.

Just like Rasiel, all parts are on a single runner for GN Sefer.

Supposedly the prototype for GN Arms, only the body looks related to GN Arms to me. The head and the 'arms' look more like O Raizer to me.

Making use of the supposedly claws of GN Sefer allows it to stand up ^^

As mentioned before, a display base is included with this prize item.

The docking method is quite similar to that of GN Arms as well.

Completed ^^

I'm sure those who got 1/144 Full Kit Rasiel last month will never miss this one. Please take note that the release date of the February issue is December 25th (from Dengeki Hobby Web).

All images from Gundam Dot Info.