Thursday, December 11, 2008

1/100 00 Raizer Now Available EDITED

EDITED: 1/100 O Raizer is also available now.

1/100 00 Raizer is now available on Hobby Search.

1/100 O Raizer - what I thought to be the pilot cockpit turns out to be its sensor unit.

1/100 00 Raizer

Only the base is new, the other two runners are actually from Action Display Base. ^^; As a result, plenty of unneeded parts from the runners.

All five runners, including the polycaps for the entire O Raizer. Less than 100 parts I think.

The whole transformation only requires half a page to explain.

The huge beam sabers are not in!!

Maybe they only get activated in Trans-Am mode. That would give Bandai a reason to release another 1/100 00 Raizer (as well as the HG 1/144 scale version).

Not pretty ^^;

All images from Hobby Search.