Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka - Weapons

One thing about Ver. Ka MGs that I like very much is the design of their weapons. Not only are they good-looking, the weapons has plenty of playability as well, like the five-piece magazines on MG Unicorn's beam magnum, as well as stretching action for its bazooka. The design of the beam rifle and its energy packs for Wing Ver. Ka is also very interesting for me.

We look at Sinanju's weapons before its official release tomorrow:

Just like Sazabi's shield, I believe the idea of the design is to resemble the Zeon crest.

The shield can be mounted to the back of the forearm...

... and to the shoulder as well!
Nice design, but can the shoulder handle the weight of the shield?

The first MG beam saber with a more dynamic, fluid like-design for the blade ^^

Has two beam axes and two beam sword/axes.

Extensible body for the beam axes ^^

The length of the combined beam sword/ax is going to be quite a sight :D

Too bad a combo like Sazabi's beam sword can only be seen on the shield but not as a single hand-held weapon.

Parts for the rifle. Looks simple enough :)

Has two targeting sensors ^^
And since the lens come molded in clear green like the eyes, no painting is needed. Nice ^^

Just as real-life grenade launcher on a rifle, the detachable one for Sinanju has a separate trigger, and can be bent for reloading purpose (?)

Which mode do you prefer?

When mounted on the rear, the length of the rifle might become a problem for the action in front, especially the shield ^^;

1 day left till its official release!

All images from Gunpla Secret Base.