Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gundam Rasiel + GN Sefer & Others

Another round of introduction on GN Sefer from Gundam Dot Info.

Looks like the "arms" of GN Sefer can be attached to the feet of Rasiel ^^

Arms facing down on the back, arms facing up on the feet. Rasiel looks more like an MA to me now. ^^

In order to get all four arms attached in front and behind Rasiel, as seen in the image above, you'll need to purchase two issues of Dengeki Hobby February issue. For those who are having trouble to secure even a single issue, this might turn into another round of frustration, again ^^;

If you're a big fan of this kit that is.

The official release date of Dengeki Hobby February issue is this Christmas, same release date as MG Sinanju Ver. Ka.

Gundam Dot Info also has an introduction on the prize item of Kiba Musha Real Figure Set from Banpresto. All three types featuring Shingen Gundam, Kenshin Gundam and Kina Musha.

Shingen Gundam

Kenshin Gundam & Kiba Musha (the horse)

The release date is late December. You can actually order these three prize items on HLJ: Shingen Gundam, Kenshin Gundam and Kiba Musha at 1,450 Yen each.

All images from Gundam Dot Info - GN Sefer, Kiba Musha Real Figure Set.

On the other hand, two new images of Bandai Proshop's limited 1/72 Transformable VF-25F Alto's Unit. This is still a prototype of it:

The metallic inner doesn't seem to shine through the clear armors ^^;

Images from Bandai Hobby Center's Space Diary of the Captain.

Also, more reviews on a few recently released Gundam and non-Gundam merchandises can be found on the following sites:

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