Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gundam 00 Deformania & Volks's Linebarrel

Gundam 00 Deformania figures under development ^^

The design of these figures is based on their appearance in Vol 7 of the DVD release of Gundam Double O Season 1 (released on July 25th). All 12 characters planned. Information on the release date and price not available at the moment.

Images from Sukichika Blog.

On a (completely) separate note, images of the prototype of 1/144 Full Action Figure [N.E.X.T] Linebarrel from Volks:

The armor plate on the shoulder is movable to allow the movement of the arm without moving the shoulder.

The elbow joint is designed to be retractable from the forearm, for added articulation of the arm.

1/144 Full Action Figure [N.E.X.T] Linebarrel is only available through pre-order from Volks. More information about that in this previous posting.

Images from Linebarrels of Iron Webryblog.