Monday, September 15, 2008

48th All Japan Game Show

Image from the official site.

The 48th All Japan Game Show will be on from October 16th through to 19th in Chiba this year. The Gunpla section will be a huge part as well. Be sure to mark the dates because it's going to be the event for Bandai to unveil their awesome offerings for the ending term of 2008 to the world.

Over at GToys Blog, it's rumored that with the release of Z Gundam Blu-Ray Memorial Box in December, The-O might get its MG release (finally).

MG The-O!! ^^

Just rumors though, mind you. ^^;

Also, it's also the time for us to see whether Bandai will indeed dish out MG Sinanju, a long-anticipated Zeon Mecha. At around the same time last year, MG Unicorn was out and really, it's now or never for Sinanju.

And of course, many are wondering if we are going to get MG Exia as well. So, plenty of anticipation for this event really ^^

Ngee Khiong will keep his eyes and ears wide open for any updates from that event as well. XD So do stay tuned for more info.