Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chara Hobby 2008 Part 6

Part 6: Kotobukiya's offerings, other mecha-related merchandises and figurines (the ones I know ^^;).

Robot Damashii Nirvash typeZERO from Eureka Seven.
Currently under planning

1/72 Hannibal (PKO Specification) from Patlabor the Movie 2.
November release, 4,410 Yen.

Tengen Kadou Gulaparl Mass Productive, Darry and Gimmy's color. Comes with a display base each which can be linked.
September release, 3,990 Yen.

Armored Core 1/72 CR-HOGIRE Rozental - October release, 5,040 Yen.

HMM 1/72 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB(Attack Booster) Leon Specifications - with new backpack and paint scheme.
Limited release in September, 7,140 Yen.
More images on Amiami.

1/100 R1 - September release, 6,090 Yen

1/144 Rein Weibritter - November release, 5,040 Yen.
1/100 Wildwurger - planned for January 2009 release. No info on the price yet.

1/144 Daizengar - December release, 31,290 Yen.

1/144 Linebarrel - October release, 3,990 Yen.
1/144 Vardant - December release, 4,410 Yen.

1/144 Alma/Alma Idaten - November release, 3,990 Yen.
On the right is the figurine of 1/8 Emi Kizaki, also from Kotobukiya.
October release, 6,090 Yen - More images on Hobby Search.

A new action figure of Linebarrel in 1/144 scale coming up. No other info yet.

GX-43 Soul of Chogokin Daimos - September release, 16,800 Yen.

Soul of Chogkin GX-44S Tetsujin 28 & Black Ox Set - November release, 13,650 Yen.

Soul of Chogokin Daizengar - under planning.

A new action figure of Dragonar? Most certainly doesn't look like the old Soul Spec release.

Takara-Tomy's Transformers Alternity Convoy featuring Nissan GT-R
January 2009 release, 4,725 Yen.

1/20 Scopedog Pailsen Files Ver. - Apart from the addition of new equipments and weapons, some changes are made to the shoulder and pelvis joints.
I wonder how the fans who bought the first 1/20 Scopedog feel about this new release? ^^;
September release, 5,775 Yen.

New figurines of Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (as Miss Yomako the teacher and bounty hunter version) sculptured by Iku Kuramoto (倉本育馬). Saber Maid Ver.'s fans should know Iku Kuramoto-senshe's name pretty well ^^
Currently under development. Scheduled to be released next year.

Art Storm Dotco's event limited completed figurines of Wong Liu Mei and Lacus Clyne introduced a week ago. 9,800 Yen each.

1/8 Alpha x Omega Figure File Klan Klein from Macross Frontier.
180mm tall, November release, 5,775 Yen.

Images from:
- GA Graphic
- Hinatachiki