Monday, September 08, 2008

MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 from Model Graphix September Issue

* A draft posting since the end of July - as you can see, the images are still hosted on Picspay. So, please don't be confused here. If there's any word like 'latest', 'not long ago', 'recently' etc, actually they mean long long time ago ^^;

As mentioned previously, Model Graphix is also supporting the MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 fever currently going on in the Gunpla world. Plenty of coverage on that kit in their September issue:

MG9_MG_GundamVer2_01_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_02_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_03_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_04_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_05_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_06_s
The person in the leftmost picture is Hirofumi Kishiyama, another important person in the development of the MG line (alongside Katsumi Kawaguchi and many others).

MG9_MG_GundamVer2_07_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_08_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_09_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_10_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_11_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_12_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_13_s
A 'comprehensive' revision of all previous MG Gundam and the old 1/100 Gundam released in 1980 - 28 years ago! O_O

MG9_MG_GundamVer2_14_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_15_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_16_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_17_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_18_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_19_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_20_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_21_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_22_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_23_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_24_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_25_s
MG9_MG_GundamVer2_26_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_27_s MG9_MG_GundamVer2_28_s
Plenty of useful tips for fixing your MG Gundam Ver. 2.0.

This month's issue also features a HG 1/144 GN-X, which seems really lonely with him as the only other Gunpla work besides MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 ^^;

MG9_1-144_GNX_01_s MG9_1-144_GNX_02_s MG9_1-144_GNX_03_s
Metallic paint scheme ^^

All magazine scans from Model Graphix September Issue.