Monday, September 01, 2008

Chara Hobby 2008 Part 4

Part 4: Gunpla work from previous issues of Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby.

1/100 GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel, O Gundam and 1/144 Caliburn Raigo Gundam from Dengeki Japan October issue. O Gundam seems to be modified from MG Destiny Gundam.

Also Dengeki Hobby, Sumbullet Raigo and Suu's Kerberos Zaku Warrior.

Super-duper dioramas featuring almost unrecognizable Tieren ^^

Space Type Flag

Gundam Unicorn, RGZ-95 ReZEL, ...

... D-50C Loto, MSN-001A1 Delta Plus, and AMS-129 Geara Zulu (Standard, Guard Custom and Angelo Sauper's Customized Type) are from Dengeki Hobby's compilation of Gundam Unicorn.
You can view all these Gundam Unicorn models in Gundam Models: MS Gundam UC, published by Dengeki Hobby of course.

The following are from Hobby Japan:

NZ-666 Kshatriya

Kyrios, Dynames and Virtue mods. This particular Virtue can convert into Exia.

1/220 Scratch Built Alvatore MA mode.

Exia and Avalanche Exia

MG Shin Musha Gundam and Musha Mk. II

Avalanche Astraea Type F? ^^ He appeared in the same issue of Hobby Japan as MG Shin Musha shown above.

MSJ-06II-AC Tieren Antiaircraft Cannon Type, GNX-509T Throne Varanus...

... SVMS-01AP Union Flag Orbit Package Colony Guard Type, SVMS-01SG Union Flag Ground Package Shell Type "Shell Flag" ...

... GNX-604T Advanced GN-X, GNW-001/hs-T01 Gundam Throne Eins Turbulenz ...

... and GN-003/af-G02 Gundam Kyrios Gust are from Gundam 00V, promoted by Hobby Japan.

MG Turn X. I was hoping it would be announced after MG Turn A, but no news at all so far.

Images from:
- Hinatachiki
- Mimibukuro Diary