Friday, September 19, 2008

1/72 Transformable VF-25 Alto's Unit

It's all about this huge Macross Frontier release for this posting. ^^

GA Graphic's gallery of its runners:

Awesome details eh? Bandai might as well marked it as an MG kit. ^^;

But then again, since an inner frame is not available for this VF-25F, and that Bandai is not keen in producing a non-Gundam MG after Patlabor and Dunbine, I suppose VF-25F and all the variations that follow can be considered as a separate merchandise line.

All images above are from GA Graphic.

Next up, the coverage on the sales of this model and a completed sample from Akiba Hobby.

It seems that the canopy is made of plain clear part, instead of clear purple as shown in the recent Chara Hobby Show, which I highly hope for as well ^^;

All images above are from Akiba Hobby.

Finally, a completed kit from Hima-Toy Review Blog, the fastest review on this kit ^^

The front cover of the construction manual.

"He turned this battle into a performance with his Battroid."
That could become Alto's unit's signature pose actually XD

Hima-Toy Review Blog also explained with photos the transformation sequence of this model, for both the Gerwalk and Battroid forms. Highly recommended for those who are interested in buying this kit.

All images above are from Hima-Toy Review Blog.