Monday, September 22, 2008

MSIA EMSIA Operation Star One

Not too latest news anymore. The MSIA/EMSIA line is going to make a come-back this September 27th with a few recolored releases. These three items, plus another two next month are categorized under "Operation Star One", as shown in the image above.

Tamashii Web has put up more images for each of them:

(1) MSIA Zudah Unit 2 - 1,680 Yen

(2) MSIA Zudah Backup Unit - 1,680 Yen

(3) EMSIA Gelgoog Mass Productive Type - 2,100 Yen

Two more EMSIAs to complete the 'picture' are:

G-3 Gundam and Herbert Von Kuspen's Customized Gelgoog - Late October release. 2,100 Yen each.

On the other hand, another MSIA to be available this September 27th is Nadleeh. The price is 2,625 Yen.

Is that the last Gundam Double O mecha to be in the MSIA line before we move on to Robot Damashii? Certain seems so to me.

All prices are inclusive of 5% tax. All images are from Tamashii Web.