Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HG 1/144 GN Arms Type D Now Available

Last kit from Double O Season One maybe? ^^; It's now available on Hobby Search.

The review on this giant kit by Hima-Toy Review Blog.

Dynames finally got its pair of beam pistols. Such short parts that make you wonder why they weren't in the last time ^^;

The 'gattai' method is pretty much identical to the previous release of GN-Arms.

All 218 pieces of missiles. Maybe we should be feeling lucky that there's no need to assemble them one by one (Ha!).
They are molded in over 10 lines of Lego-like pieces, and you put them together to assemble the few piles of missiles. In this way, it's possible to paint all of them using just Gundam marker too.

In 1/144 scale, I suppose painting the figure of Lockon is way harder than dealing with the missiles. ^^;

All images from Hima-Toy Review Blog.