Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gundam Double O Season 2 Super-Spoiler

*NOTES: spoiler from 4Chan Dot Org. Not official, and may not be true at all. Highlight to read at your own risk ^^;

Episode.26: The Angels Second Advent

The Earth Sphere Federation's independent security preservation force "Arrows," was inhumanely suppressing the opposition "Kataron," while carrying out their duty of extermination. Meanwhile, Kataron member Claus, raced to the "Proud" colony, which was still undergoing construction, to rescue his comrades. At the colony, Saji was working as an engineer. Since his coworker was a member of Kataron, Arrows arrested him under false charges and made him do forced labor in a gravity block. Upon word of the Kataron's rescue operation, Brigadier General Goodman and Colonel Zhejiang head to the colony on a space cruiser to execute their extermination operation. On board the ship is Louise, preparing for her first battle. Arrows mobile suit pilot, Captain Janine, spearheads a squad to infiltrate the colony to destroy the space ship and the mobile suits of the Kataron rescue squad. Furthermore, automated unmanned killing machines are dropped into the colony. About that time, Setsuna had been monitoring Arrows for a long time and successfully managed to infiltrate the colony where he met Saji again by chance...

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Information and image from 4Chan Dot Org.