Friday, September 26, 2008

A Completed MG Sinanju?

A question mark denotes that I'm NOT sure myself.

Image from ToyWorld Forum.

Can't remember seeing any conversion kit that looks like this particular completed Sinanju. It could be a mod. work done by some modelers for the hobby magazine coverage.

But I'm expecting Bandai to be able to produce those beautiful ornaments on the body, knee and wrist of Sinanju. Kotobukiya already demonstrated their ability in producing the very beautiful crest for the shoulders of their non-scale Black Selena, Bandai being the more experienced company in producing plamo should be able to give us more actually.

Katoki-senshe would definitely demand the highest quality for this MG since it's branded as a "Ver. Ka" release. So, it's just a question of how high the price is going to get when it's finally coming out. I was guessing 6,000 Yen the other day, now I'm thinking of 7,000 Yen instead, same price as Hi-Nu Gundam.

I better cancel out some of my non-so important wish list items in anticipation of this monster.