Friday, September 26, 2008

BB Senshi Chouryou Gelgoog

A completed BB Senshi Chouryou Gelgoog reviewed by Taste.

Starting from the previous entry of Ryoumou Dijeh & Kannei Kampfer Gou Assault Marine Set, the fist design of these BB Senshi models are getting more natural and better-looking.

Quite a lot of combo you can make with its weapon list ^^

All images are from Taste.

For your information, next month's BB Senshi will be Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki, followed by Shusou Doven Wolf in November and Emperor Ryuubi in December. Another BB Senshi model coming in October is 00. Except for Emperor Ryuubi, all kits are 600 Yen (without tax), Emperor Ryuubi is priced at 2,000 Yen (without tax).

Another review on this BB Senshi kit can be found on Gamu-Toys.