Friday, September 05, 2008

MG Infinite Justice, For Real

This time, these are really the official images of the upcoming MG Infinite Justice Gundam ^^;

Right-click for larger view.

Now I know why the shield is designed to be so small: Bandai wants to use the same beam shield part from MG Strike Freedom, so Infinite Justice's shield must be smaller than the area of that shield ^^;

Some nifty design for the sub flight unit's hinge there, I wonder how much it can support its weight. Plus, I wonder if the head needs to be detached first when the front cannons are lowered ^^;

Fatum-1 can be stretched to increase the width. Will that be able to help Infinite Justice to stand on it more naturally?

Some 'hidden' mechanism for the other cannons on Fatum-1. Nothing new actually, we've seen that on MG Impulse's Force Silhouette already.

Expansion of the pelvis joint, anything different from MG Destiny?

Well articulated arms, but nothing fresh anymore ^^;

Sliding thigh armor is the common norm for the SEED/SEED Destiny line, and... no figure of Lacus in pilot suit included? ^^;

I supposed SEED/SEED Destiny fans are not going to miss this anyway right? And that includes me as well ^^;

Images from The Gundam Base Side One.