Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MG Sinanju - December Release EDITED

EDITED: Added other updates as well. Right click on each image for larger view.

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka coming in December this year!!

I think I'm going to faint ^^;

Image from Cyber Gundam's Blog.

New Gundam Unicorn mecha this month: AMX-101K Galluss-K, a reused Neo Zeon MS from the ZZ era, a desert cannon type this time?

Image from Toysdaily.

Also, new mecha appearring for SEED Frame Astray, the last one I presume, since the latest issue, Chapter 13 will be the last of the series. This new mecha is called Powered Suit Guti. Interested? ^^;

Image from Toysdaily.

Forgotten scans from Hobby Japan November issue: ^^;

GFF Kyoshiro Maniax Red Warrior, Robot Damashii GN Flag and GP01Fb. - The amazing thing about the GFF series is that, no matter how impossible those prototype looked like when they were first being displayed in events, they could turn out to be really nice. I would definitely say that for this Red Warrior.

Image from Toysdaily.

On the other hand, larger images for a few BB Senshi Sangokuden kits introduced days ago:

Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki - October release, 630 Yen.
* More images in this previous posting.

Emperor Ryuubi - Late December release, 2,100 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Shusou Doven Wolf - November release, 630 Yen.

Images above are from Toysdaily.

Let me slip in a bit of non-Gundam news as well:

DX Chogokin 1/60 VF-25F Alto's Unit - a look at its Super Pack. Quite heavyweight it seems. ^^; The prototype needs a supporting stand to hold the weight ^^;
I hope the final release would improve the strength of the joints to hold the pack.

S.I.C. Kamen Rider The First with bike. The helmet seems to be detachable, and can be put in the container of the bike O_O
Image from Toysdaily.

There's also information from the forum which said that SIC #45 is Den-O + Urataros. Not sure what happened to the so-said limited bundled pack of Rod Form and Ax Form some time ago, but it's a great news nonetheless, since now folks will have the opportunity to gather all the Imagins ^^