Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HG 1/144 00 Gundam KIS_

I'm sure most of us are familiar with the term KISS? Not the literal 'kiss', but Keep It Simple and Sweet?

Even before getting to see the content of the upcoming HG 1/144 00 Gundam, I know Bandai was going to design the assembly method to be as simple as possible, but with excellent articulation while keeping the cost (and selling price) to a minimum. This isn't a new strategy from the company anymore, as we can see the price range for the HGs from Season One is 1,000 Yen to 1,600 Yen (excluding GN-Arms of course); wind the clock back to SEED Destiny's time, the price range is about the same, but when it comes to the issue of articulation, you know who's better.

For HG 00, I would definitely say that this kit is simple. More images from Apron Model Production Diary on assembling this kit can justify that (as seen below). But I'm not sure if I should add a 'sweet' at the back, because I'm afraid that not only is the shield not included (confirmed), even the beam sabers/daggers are missing... ...

'Power-up' for the ankle articulation. I used to think that it would be pretty sophisticated, but the truth is...

... just a single part and one polycap to do all the jobs. ^^

The more interesting thing about HG 00 for me is the two-piece thigh joints designed. It was previously found on mostly MG and 1/100 models, or transformable HGs like Kyrios. Such joint design put onto HG 00 is another huge improvement for its articulation.

The parts for the leg unit. Totally simple, totally effective. Don't be surprised if each leg only has less than 25 parts (inclusive of the polycaps, sticker and thigh joint).

New ball type joint for the waist and skirt armors. The only other Gunplas I can think of that used such design are MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 and Gundam RX-78-2 ver. 2.0.
Notice that the abdomen is separated from the thorax. A ball type joint sitting between the two torso parts basically the movement of the body now includes bending forward and backward as well.

Also, just notice that HG 00 uses a new set of polycaps now. The code is PC-OO1. At least five ball type polycaps are present. They are the primary polycaps used on BB Sangokuden models. ^^;

Plenty of molding techniques from various models, across different lines some more been implemented on HG 00. That is definitely a great thing to see on upcoming offerings from Bandai. If we can get such awesome articulation on such a simple kit, while keeping our wallets safe from total depletion, why not? ^^

Then again, I won't mind throwing in an extra 200 Yen for the shield and the beam saber to be included (see from the first posting about the runners and you will see that there's no beam parts, nor a separate runners for these parts).

All images from Apron Model Production Diary.