Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Robot Damashii Gawain & Others

Mentioned a bit about the two Robot Damashii figures coming up in December. More of their information and images in this posting:

Gawain - Late December release, 7,140 Yen. 180mm tall, the figure will have a glossy paint scheme. Also comes with its own display stand.

The pilot cockpit can be opened, revealing Zero in it.

Images from ToyWorld Forum and Robot Damashii Diary.

Guren Flight Type - - Late December release, 3,650 Yen. The figure stands 125mm tall, and is designed with new Flight unit and head (as compared to the previous In Action!! OffShoot release). The claws can move individually.

Images from ToyWorld Forum.

Also, thanks to :) for the info about the two limited MG Gundam Mk. II coming up. I saw them being listed on Gunota Headlines the other day as well, but didn't put them up because I haven't got any idea why they are labeled as "Limited".

Hobby Search provided the answer (sort of). Both the AEUG and Titans version will be molded in "real-type" colors and will come with their own special marking seals. Amazon Japan listed both to be 'EXF' - extra finish, but I really doubt that it means the same as 'EXF' as seen for 1/100 Exia "Trans-Am" mode. The price of the earlier, 4,500 Yen (without tax) is just 500 Yen more expensive than the regular version, while the Titans version (4,200 Yen without tax) will cost 700 Yen more than its regular release.

500/700 Yen plated treatment for a MG kit where parts are plentiful? No way in my opinion. Not sure how the so-called "real-type" colors will look like though.

Also, more images and information regarding SDX Knight Gundam. I know sq would be very happy to read about this. ^^

The initial batch of release comes with a very retro game card ^^
Very nice photography from Hobby Stock.

Tamashii News scan from CyberGundam - I can't find the larger scan on the official site or anywhere else, sorry ^^;

Stands about 10cm tall, there are plenty of diecast parts used, and Knight Gundam can mount on the "Centaur", which is included (confirmed on Happinet Online). It'll also come with ts own display base. Late December release, 4,935 Yen (without tax is 4,700 Yen).