Thursday, September 25, 2008

MG Strike Freedom EXF & Others Now Available

The most expensive MG this year is now available on Hobby Search. Let's have a look at the content ^^

The box art is most drastic change visible for this MG. Ha!
Somehow it reminds me of MG Freedom EXF and 1/100 Force + Sword Impulse EXF. Maybe it's designed with another EXF kit in the future to 'complete the picture'?

Every single picture introducing the completed model here can be found in the original MG ^^;

Enough Bling-bling for you?

The same runners from the Full Burst Mode.
There's a little runner included that is being marked 'X' on the runner list.

The conclusion is, this is actually the Full Burst Mode without the plated Action Display Base and effect pacts for the Super Dragoons. The high price to be paid is for the extra finishing effect on those armor pieces. The beam part included also has the glittering effect as seen for the beam saber/anti-ship sword of Destiny and Force Impulse.

The little unused part (P2) is the connector for this MG to be mounted on the Action Display Base. Even though it's not needed in the manual, folks with Action Display Base can look at it as a bonus and still use it.

Another interesting release is Tamama Foot Soldier Musha Robo (official name is Ashigaru Tamama Robo). The manual gives an early reveal of how this Musha Robo is going to gattai with Keroro Musha Robo in the 'final' combination.

A giant left arm with shield (as expected? ^^). The Javelin is unused for the transformation, so I'm expecting some combinational weapon when Giroro Musha Robo comes out.

Other merchandises available now from the website are
- GFF Gundam NT-1
- HCM-Pro G Box EFGF vs Zeon Set
- EMSIA Gelgoog Mass Productive Type
- MSIA Nadleeh
- MSIA Zudah Unit 2
- MSIA Zudah Backup Unit
- 1/20 Scopedog Pailsen Files Ver.
- Vincent Loyal Coating Ver.
- SIC Den-O Gun Form and Ryutaros Imagin

All images are from Hobby Search.