Monday, September 08, 2008

Long Time No See Neena Trinity ^^ EDITED

EDITED: More images

Latest magazine scan of a few supporting characters in the upcoming Gundam Double O Season 2:

Image from Toysdaily.

Neena looks way more serious now, and her pimples seem to be all gone XD

Graham's mask looks rather funny now, especially with his new 'ceremonial' robe(?) ... ^^; not sure about how Graham's fans think about his new look and attire though.

Standing next to Ribbon seems to be... another Tieria? That just deepens my belief that he isn't exactly a human being, but a clone, or even a cyborg. That would explains his weird behavior and all serious attitude in Season One, plus the ability of his eyes lighting up and activating Nadleeh at the same time.

I'm wondering whether this 'Tieria' is the same 'Tieria' who will pilot Selavii.

But the most concerning thing is, Louisse seems to be working with Arraows, the organization the Celestial Beings are opposing in Season Two.

I see some really tragic torments in the relationship between her and Saji, again...

All the above are just my thoughts only ^^

Extra images from Toysdaily.