Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BB Senshi Sangokuden The Battle of Guandu Set & Others EDITED

EDITED: Included images of 1/100 Astraea, 1/100 R-1 and 1/72 Armored Core Transformable 9-Ball.

Some updates available on The Gundam Base Side One's Product page, but I can't find anyway yo access those galleries. -_- Anyone out there facing the same problem as well?

Anyway, some updates can be founded from other sources.
1/100 Astraea

GBS1_Astraea_01_s GBS1_Astraea_02_s
GBS1_Astraea_03_s GBS1_Astraea_04_s GBS1_Astraea_05_s
Images from Toysdaily.

BB Senshi Sangokuden The Miracle of Guandu Set

GBS1_Guandu_02_s GBS1_Guandu_03_s
GBS1_Guandu_04_s GBS1_Guandu_05_s
Images from Toysdaily.

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kakouenn Dalas

GBS1_Kakouenn_Dalas_01_s GBS1_Kakouenn_Dalas_02_s
GBS1_Kakouenn_Dalas_03_s GBS1_Kakouenn_Dalas_04_s
GBS1_Kakouenn_Dalas_05_s GBS1_Kakouenn_Dalas_06_s
A bow that can be converted into a crossbow and a mace. Very creative indeed. ^^ But the face design... ^^;
Images from Toysdaily.

HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type

GBS1_TierenSpace_01_s GBS1_TierenSpace_02_s
GBS1_TierenSpace_03_s GBS1_TierenSpace_04_s
GBS1_TierenSpace_05_s GBS1_TierenSpace_06_s
Images from Toysdaily.

1/100 R-1 - August, 6,090 Yen.

SRW_1-100R1_10_s SRW_1-100R1_09_s SRW_1-100R1_08_s
SRW_1-100R1_01_s SRW_1-100R1_02_s SRW_1-100R1_04_s
SRW_1-100R1_03_s SRW_1-100R1_11_s
SRW_1-100R1_05_s SRW_1-100R1_06_s SRW_1-100R1_07_s
SRW_1-100R1_12_s SRW_1-100R1_13_s
Images from Toysdaily.

1/72 Armored Core Transformable 9-Ball - July, 8,190 Yen.

ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall12_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall11_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall13_s
ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall14_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall02_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall03_s
ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall07_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall08_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall06_s
ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall04_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall05_s
ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall10_s ArmoredCoreTransformableNineBall09_s
Images from Toysdaily.